Financing Department

Our Finance Department at Surgenor Hyundai

Financing can often seem like a daunting process, but not at Surgenor Hyundai! Our trained and experienced financial experts are dedicated to providing you easy and affordable plans that will allow you to purchase, finance or lease the new or pre-owned Hyundai of your dreams. We provide a stress-free environment that is transparent through every step of the process, where we can help you out from under bad credit and assist in building a plan just for you. Come to us for a top-notch auto financing process, unlike any you’ve had before.

Auto Financing Solutions

It’s never a one-size-fits-all approach at Surgenor Hyundai. That’s why our experts get to know you, as well as your needs and wants out of a vehicle so that we can tailor our solutions directly to what suits you. Our wide range of services covers everything from extended warranties to protection products, allowing you to further drive with peace-of-mind knowing you’re under an affordable plan and protected from damage and wear. The financing specialists here at Surgenor Hyundai are always here to help!

Auto Financing Solutions
Subprime Credit Assistance

Subprime Credit Assistance

Don’t think that we can’t help you just because you might’ve had bad credit issues in the past. Our finance experts are able to come up with a wide range of solutions and packages to suit your specific needs, whether you come into our dealership with bad, okay or good credit. We make sure our plans are affordable and flexible to your needs, allowing you to stay within your means but still drive home in a Hyundai that you truly want. This also provides the perfect way to help build up your credit again and improve your rating!

Leasing or Financing?

It can be a difficult question to answer, whether you should lease or finance that new Hyundai you’re about to purchase. The answer is that it truly depends on what you want out of your vehicle, and how much you’re intending to use it. Thus, the answer varies from person-to-person. Explore below some helpful tips on knowing which side is right for you, but if you’re still unsure, one of our financial experts would be more than happy to help you through the decision.

Why You Should Lease a Vehicle:

  • You’ll be able to pay less on your monthly payments compared to what it would be per month with financing.
  • If you’re someone who loves driving the latest and greatest, leasing allows you to easily upgrade more often to the newest models.
  • If you only drive a small set amount each month leasing is perfect for you with its kilometre cap.
    Warranty protection is included, so you can drive with peace-of-mind knowing you’re covered.

Why You Should Finance a Vehicle:

  • Do you love the feeling of ownership and knowing that you paid for something in full and that it’s all yours? Financing puts you in total control, where the vehicle is totally yours once paid off.
  • If you don’t like restrive terms and want to be a bit more flexible in payments, financing provides it.
  • If you drive your vehicle a lot then you should think about financing, as there’s no charge for additional kilometres.
  • It provides the perfect opportunity to build up equity.

If you have any questions about the leasing, financing or purchasing a vehicle, or just want to see how we can help you out, don’t hesitate to reach out and one of our financial specialists will gladly be able to assist.